Consulting Services

Our consulting team comprises of associate architects and international design consultants with over 15 years of experience in design and construction.

Space Planning

We analyze the space being used, create floor plans that define the circulation and zones of the spaces and activities that will take place.

Schematic Design

We take your conceptual design and provide preliminary plans, sections and elevations and other drawings required to communicate the design intent.

Design Development

We further develop your schematic design and start researching materials and methods of construction. We can support the finish selection process, and prepare professional finish boards for the architect’s or interior designer’s presentation to client. 

Materials and Methods Research

We facilitate our clients with researching and specifying materials and methods of construction for the building envelope for wall systems, fenestration systems, roofing systems, foundation systems etc.

Construction Administration

We oversee construction progress on behalf of our clients who are architects and interior designers. We ensure that the architect’s design intent is met and hold consistent communication with the contractor. We deal with clarifications and administer revisions if necessary through sketches, and inform of the construction schedule progress through field reports.

Bid Analysis

We create a bid analysis spread sheet to consolidate and compare bids submitted by contractors vying for one project. Bid analysis is a systematic approach to comparing line item costs. We ask questions to help clarify the costs presented, making bid selection easier. 

Graphics Art Direction

We specialize in the overall visual appearance and cohesiveness of a project and how it communicates visually with the audience. We provide graphic direction regarding the elements and styles that need to be used to sync with the project and, as needed, provide graphic design templates and sketches. 

Graphics Design

We specialize in creating and maintaining brands as related to designing logos, brochures, and advertising. We provide direction in branding strategies to make your brand effective and cohesive.