MGS Global Group’s recent efforts in light of the construction boom

Expanding and exploring opportunities

The recent partnership with the Blue Book Building and Construction Network is one of the essential steps MGS Global is taking to broaden our reach and explore opportunities across the country. MGS exhibited at Blue Book’s recent Columbus, Ohio event on October 9, and attended their events in November in Sacramento, California, and Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin. These were certainly fruitful events for MGS as we introduced ourselves to several industry leaders and had the opportunity to stand out and present the highlights of our company. MGS is a built environment and architecture support services consulting company with an in-house production team. We have delivered support services in retail, hospitality and multi-family residential sectors worldwide.

MGS Global’s Mike George and Shelli Wessler at Who’s Who Expo, Columbus, Ohio

Navigating the construction boom

A booming construction industry obviously means booming business for contractors, architects, and designers alike, but what happens when the industry continues to accelerate, and the expected delivery times get shorter and shorter? Any industry appreciates when there is plenty of work to go around, but how can firms hire and train enough employees for the short delivery spans that are rapidly becoming a necessity? Even more troubling, how can they afford to retain all of these extra employees once the boom recedes? In other words, what can you do to effectively handle these kinds of spikes in your business?

The simple answer to all of these questions is this: contract support services. More specifically, we are talking about the built environment and architecture support services. One of the most useful aspects of support services is that they provide skilled expertise on a contract basis to fulfill inconsistent and ever-changing business needs, providing an organic extension of your team and allowing your business to rapidly shrink or expand as needed.

As support services are still a developing concept in the architecture and design fields, there aren’t a great number of providers for these kinds of expansion teams in the United States. However, at the forefront of this movement stands MGS, a consulting firm with an in-house production team. We deliver exactly this kind of support to architectural and design firms in times of need. Specializing in retail, hospitality, and multi-family residential projects, MGS is especially well-poised to boost productivity and delivery for firms in this period of thriving construction industry.

Clients who have benefited from our services in 2018 include national quick service restaurants (QSR) with rollout programs requiring quick turnaround times, fashion retailers in wholesale shop-in-shop department stores where retailers need to renovate and update their stores before the spring and fall seasons, major national brand hotel interior renovations.

Outlook for 2019

MGS is actively planning to increase our presence in locations that are experiencing a construction boom such as New York, New Jersey, Atlanta, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Austin, and Nashville. As 2019 approaches, you can expect to see our team in the major 2019 design and construction expositions across the country.

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