Encouraging Entrepreneurs

I recently attended the opening of the Cleveland State University Weston Ideation Lab, a collaborative, interdisciplinary learning laboratory designed to foster creative thinking, innovation, and entrepreneurship across the University’s campus.


It was a fantastic event, and I was excited to meet several interesting people including the Dean of Monte Ahuja College of Business at CSU, Dr. Sanjay Putrevu. Dr. Petrevu was incredibly gracious, making time to greet and thank all those attending. I am energized by the work being done at the Weston Ideation Lab and hope to become more involved in the future.

Lower right photo: Left: Aya Shlachter, MG Shlachter CEO and Julie Messing, Executive Director, Entrepreneurship Initiatives, LaunchNET, Kent State University

I was fortunate to spend time with Jullie Messing, the Executive Director of Entrepreneurship Initiatives (LaunchNet), at Kent State University and CSU Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship and Weston Ideation Lab Manager. I struck up a conversation with the pair, and they were both interested in my entrepreneurial journey. They both asked if I would be available to speak and become a mentor to the entrepreneur program. Of course, I said yes to both! One of my greatest joys is to pass along my passion for starting and owning a business and to encourage young professionals to do the same.

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