Philippine Trip

While visiting the Philippines, I had the pleasure of staying at one luxurious resort, Dakak Beach Resort, and a beautiful boutique hotel, Ariana. My visits to these locations were exquisite and filled with modern decor and each had an artsy edge.

Dakak Beach Resort 
Jacuzzi Tub with beautiful view

Jacuzzi tub with a beautiful view

Dakak Beach Resort is located in Dapitan City, Philippines, home to many festivals, amusement parks, and historical landmarks such as the Rizal Landing. The resort is the vocal point of the city and many of the important events are right outside of its doors. The Dakak is very keen on serving the citizens by pouring many job opportunities and open events into the community. They have an in-house restaurant and the food was locally acquired, another way the Dakak resorts leave money in Dapitan. One thing I loved about this resort was that it acted as a boutique so it was very big on community involvement and the employees were people who stayed in the area. If you had any questions about your visit they were very helpful with any city-related questions. 

Dakak Beach Resorts has something for all guests to indulge in, from zip-lining, and recreation rooms to a spa right inside the building. The rooms elude class and elegance and they have many luxury touch points. The towels were very soft and the bed was amazing to sleep in and the cups and drink pitcher and other decor fit the room fabulously. If someone wishes to enjoy their time in the room they can spend time on their balcony or patio and relax in the jet Jacuzzi while enjoying the breathtaking scenery. 

The Ariana Hotel:


The Garden room deluxe

The Boutique Hotel, Ariana is located in Zamboanga Del Norte, and like the Dakak is home to many festivals and open events that happen in the city. The hotel has an in-house restaurant called Chloe’s Bistro that serves lunch and dinner, then later transforms into a popular nightclub – RIO. The hotel’s restaurant and nightclub use ingredients from the local areas so most food is fresh and new. The nightclub is open to the public, and many of the locals come out to enjoy a quick drink. The Ariana is also big on community engagement and philanthropy so they are often shopping from local retailers to make each hotel unique to its location. The Ariana Hotel the modern edge of the hotel creates a classy and executive atmosphere for guests. The architectural excellence of the Ariana Hotel makes it versatile enough for weddings and white-tie events. The sky room is beautifully decorated with a simple layout of white, and with the touch of colored lighting, the colors dance off the fabric causing the illusion of colors on the tables and chairs. The pool is very large and there is an outside bar for guests to enjoy and indulge in a relaxing atmosphere. 

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