Prevent mistakes during the DD and CD phases

Communication during the DD and CD Phases

Communication!!! It’s undeniably one of the top challenges everyone faces when working across organizations, teams and when working remotely. A lot mistakes and mark-ups happen during the design development (dd) and construction document (cd) phases. This could become frustrating between project managers and the drafting team, especially with tight deadlines. A quick email or call saves so much time and can help avoid mistakes. Communication is key. 

Does your firm have communication protocols? 

Our Communication Protocols

  • Communication protocols are integrated into our online project management system for accountability and transparency across our organization and with our clients
  • We use specific team members to handle a particular task and a list of people to be copied
  • Check and balance at every project delivery stage by a meeting/phone call or RFI prior to final submission
  • Document every interaction with clients/team members in our online project management system
  • Establish maximum allowable response times between team member and clients in our processes
  • Escalate the problem when response times are not met
  • Assign a dedicated person to deal with project escalations to resolve the problem
  • Repeat the cycle till project is complete

As a growing organization, we make sure all our quality management systems are in place. Our core business is in project delivery therefore we have to create redundant and error proof processes to set up our team for success. 

We have provided dd’s and cd’s for thousands of architecture and design projects. Our clients’ success is directly attributed to our quality management systems, timely delivery and our communication protocols. 

What is your firm doing in terms of your project delivery processes?

Was this helpful? I would love to hear your thoughts.

MGS Global Group is here to help if you require any of your project delivery needs. We are BIM and CAD experts helping firms with urgent DD and CD deadlines on a per project basis. Get in touch with us for all your drafting needs.

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