Architectural Drafting: Prevent Costly Errors and Optimize Efficiency

Architectural drafting is a crucial part of construction projects as it helps turn ideas into reality. However, the process can be challenging when stakeholders provide conflicting instructions. MGS Global Group has been providing services to the AEC industry for a long time and understands the challenges it faces. To streamline the Request for Information (RFI) process, we have developed effective solutions that ensure clarity and efficient decision-making. Although we have made mistakes in the past, we have a system in place to prevent and minimize errors. Here are some of the processes we follow:

1. Comprehensive RFI Documents

Clear communication is crucial for the success of architectural projects. Our firm ensures clarity and consistency by using detailed RFI documents that include relevant drawings and screenshots. These documents enable clients to make informed decisions and have been highly effective in reducing errors and ensuring everyone is on the same page.

If the RFI process does not resolve the issue, we schedule a call with our clients to go through the instructions and obtain clarifications. We take detailed notes or record the call for 100% accuracy. This approach has proven highly effective in swiftly resolving issues, saving time, and reducing the risk of costly mistakes.

2. Online Client Portal

Technology can enhance communication and collaboration in architecture. Our clients have access to an online portal that provides a centralized location for all their projects. This enables everyone to work together and make changes quickly, without the confusion of thousands of emails. The portal allows clients and project teams to access project documents, share opinions, and ask questions, leading to better decisions and results. Our online portal streamlines our work and ensures client satisfaction.

3. Quality Control (QA) and Quality Assurance (QC)

We strongly believe that architects and design firms should allocate time and resources to the QA/QC process. Many drafters spend hundreds of hours drafting, but fail to review their work. By dedicating just 5% of your time to the QA/QC process, many mistakes can be prevented.

A friend of mine who owns an architecture firm told me that he failed to do a final check of a window order and ended up paying over $25,000 to rectify the mistake. This could have been avoided if they had spent an extra 30 minutes reviewing the purchase order. The point is clear: integrate a QA/QC process into your drafting process and prioritize it.

4. Communication Hierarchy and Protocol Document

Our managing director, a former Hewlett Packard executive, introduced me to the concept of a communication protocol. It’s a process document that specifies who to talk to and who should be cc’d in emails. It establishes a communication hierarchy within the organization, so everyone knows their role. This helps staff take ownership of their work. Additionally, if there are any mistakes, we know who to talk to in order to fix them. This results in a simple workflow, smooth communication within the organization, and eliminates any mess or politics. It helps everyone know what they’re supposed to do and ensures the project’s success.


Architectural drafting can be challenging due to conflicting instructions. However, companies can prevent costly errors and optimize efficiency by implementing processes such as comprehensive RFI documents, online client portals, quality control and assurance, and communication hierarchy and protocol. MGS Global Group has developed effective solutions to streamline the process and ensure clarity and efficient decision-making. By taking a proactive approach to resolving issues, we provide our clients with a positive experience that delivers results for everyone involved. Overall, it is our commitment to quality and attention to detail that sets us apart in the industry.

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