MGS Team Building: Exploring South of Cebu

Last June, A recent visit from one of our US clients to the Philippines proved to be a remarkable experience as they conducted training sessions for our drafters. He praised the team’s warm and accommodating nature and dedication. He was mostly delighted with the exceptional work culture and the camaraderie among colleagues.

The activities were a sensory delight, filled with heart-pounding canyoneering adventures. The canyoneering experience allowed us to witness the untouched natural wonders of Badian; the thrilling rappels, jumps, and water slides added an adrenaline rush to our trip, making it an unforgettable highlight. 

Of course, no visit to Cebu would be complete without savoring the famous Carcar lechon. The crispy skin, succulent meat, and rich flavors of this roasted pig dish delighted our taste buds. Carcar’s lechon truly showcased the culinary heritage of the region and added a savory touch to our gastronomic exploration.

Lechon in Carcar, Cebu
Lechon in Carcar, Cebu

In Dumanjug, we discovered a refreshing respite from the sun with their delightful halo-halo. The mixture of crushed ice, sweetened fruits, jellies, beans, and evaporated milk created a symphony of flavors and textures that provided a much-needed relief from the tropical heat. The locals’ dedication to perfecting their halo-halo was evident in every spoonful, making it an essential treat for anyone visiting the area.

MGS Team in Dumanjug

Not only did this excursion allow our employees to unwind and recharge, but it also encouraged team bonding and fostered a sense of camaraderie. By stepping outside the confines of the office and embarking on this journey together, our team members had the opportunity to connect on a more personal level, building relationships and strengthening the overall connection within the organization. This, in turn, can enhance collaboration and communication among employees when they return to work. 

At MGS Global LLC, we prioritize their well-being, creating an environment that fosters physical, mental, and emotional health. Our commitment to a thriving workforce goes beyond desk-bound work, shaping a culture that values holistic employee growth.

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