Blueprints and Brain Power at Slogos Night: Architecture Edition

On July 27, 2023, trivia enthusiasts gathered at Draft Punk for an evening filled with brain power, friendly competition and contagious laughter. Orchestrated by the imaginative team at MGS Global in partnership with Slogos Night, they brought together individuals from the Architecture Industry. 

“Slogos” was born out of the combination of “Slogan” and “Logos,” initially serving as a platform for art and social gatherings for building connections among people. Over time, it transformed into a hub for knowledge-sharing and stimulating quick thinking. The dynamic team from Slogos Night dedicated enjoyment while learning, and fostering a spirit of friendship while forming trivia nights. 

The game featured several rounds, each exploring a diverse range of topics, from Architectural history, Architectural Laws and Building Technology. Teams huddled together, collaborating to arrive at the best possible answers within the time constraints. Quick thinking and teamwork were crucial in earning valuable points. 

As the night advanced through its rounds, friendly rivalries started to emerge. Each team showcased its distinctive strengths, some proving their expertise in history, while others dominated in Architecture Laws and Building Technology. 

With the final round drawing near, tension mounted, and the excitement of revealing the champions filled the air. After an intense display of wit and knowledge, the top 3 teams emerged victorious. In the midst of the competitive atmosphere, a profound sense of camaraderie prevailed among the participants. They enthusiastically cheered each other on, celebrating the thrill of the challenge and delighting in the joy of sharing knowledge together.

The night was an overwhelming success, leaving each participant with cherished memories of a delightful evening. Beyond the excitement of the competition, the event fostered a strong sense of shared passion for learning. We can’t wait to bond with more people sharing the same passion as us in many more events to come at MGS Global!

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