WLS: Sold Out Happy Hour Photos!

I felt deeply honored when Graciela Carrillo, co-founder of the Immigrant Architects Coalition (IAC), invited my company, MGS Global Group, to co-sponsor a special event with Utile Architecture and Planning. As an immigrant myself who moved to the US at 19, I immediately connected with Graciela’s immigrant journey and the mission of IAC.

The main focus of this organization is to support immigrant architects in achieving success in the U.S. They offer mentoring programs, opportunities for public speaking, writing, and contributions to the field.

The event was a lively and well-attended “happy hour” with several memorable moments:


We organized a book signing for “City Shapers: Story of Immigrant Designers,” featuring authors Graciela Carrillo, Gabriela Baierle, Luciana Braga Triplett, Mika Naraynsingh, and Saakshi Terway.

We also recorded a podcast episode for Architect My Life, where I had the privilege of interviewing the authors and our special guests, Jing Lauengco and Vivian W. Lee.

I asked them about their main takeaways from the WLS and how the summit inspired them as women in architecture.

Stay tuned for the release of our podcast, where you can listen to these enlightening conversations. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all the guests for participating and showing their support.

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