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Filipino Architects in Australia

During my visit to Canberra, the national capital of Australia, I had the pleasure of immersing myself at the Australian Institute of Architects Conference 2023. This year’s conference theme is ‘precedent’ where they invite us to take a moment to pause and reflect of what has come before and how we face the future to help us shape what is yet to come. 

What made the experience truly special was the opportunity to connect with some incredibly talented Filipino architects who are making waves in the architecture industry in Australia.

filipino architects at the australian institute of architects conference 2023

One of the standout architects I had the privilege of meeting was Sarah Ramos, a highly successful Filipina architect and firm owner whom I connected with via LinkedIn. Sarah warmly welcomed me to Canberra. I also met Hazel Aguilar Membere, United Architects of the Philippines (UAP) Australia and New Zealand Charter President.

At the conference, I had the honor of meeting Romeo Vergara, the UAP Chapter President representing the Philippine delegation. Romeo was acknowledged twice during the keynote and the gala dinner as one of the distinguished guests at the conference.

Two other remarkable Filipino architects present at the conference were Paulo Sembrano MPIA and Richard Gumabao, both of whom were successful firm owners in their respective regions.

filipino architects at the australian institute of architects conference 2023

My visit to the Australian Institute of Architects Conference 2023 was not only a memorable experience but also an eye-opener to the significant impact Filipino architects are making in Australia. The passion, dedication, and innovation exhibited by individuals like Sarah Ramos, Hazel Aguilar Membere, Romeo Vergara, Paulo Sembrano, and Richard Gumabao underscore the rich diversity and talent within the Filipino architectural community. The collaboration between Filipino architects and the Australian architecture community is undoubtedly creating a lasting legacy in the AEC industry.

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