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A Guide to Building a Powerful Identity and Marketing Strategy - AIA Business of Architecture Panel Discussion

The recent AIA Business of Architecture event left us buzzing with excitement as we witnessed a fantastic turnout for our panel discussion on ‘A Guide to Building A Powerful Identity And Marketing Strategy.’ 

What made the event even more special was that it marked the first-ever all-female international women panel, led by the dynamic Nora Hoxha as the moderator and featuring Jing Lauengco as my co-panelist.

Left to Right: Jing Lauengco, Aya Shlachter, and Nora Hoxha
Left to Right: Jing Lauengco, Aya Shlachter, and Nora Hoxha

Panel Highlights

The discussion revolved around unraveling the mysteries of building a powerful identity and crafting an effective marketing strategy in the competitive world of architecture. 

Nora Hoxha, Co-Chair of the Women In Architecture AIA Cleveland, initiated the Business of Architecture with a vision to empower architecture firm owners with essential business knowledge. 

The aim is to equip them with the tools necessary to not only survive but thrive in the industry.

panel discussion at the AIA Business of Architecture

Personal Insights

I am particularly grateful for the opportunity to share the journey of MGS Global LLC over the past three years. The panel allowed us to delve into the pivotal role that branding and marketing played in the growth of our firm. It was an incredible platform to showcase how strategic business decisions and a strong brand identity can make all the difference.
Events like these are not just about the content discussed on stage but also about the collaboration behind the scenes. Working with Nora Hoxha, Jing Lauengco, and the entire Business of Architecture team, including David Maniet Jr and Kathryn Lester, RA, was an absolute pleasure. The seamless teamwork ensured that the event was a resounding success.
Special thanks to Vocon for providing a wonderful venue that set the perfect backdrop for our discussions. We also extend our gratitude to everyone who braved the cold Cleveland night to attend the event. Your presence added warmth to the atmosphere, and your engagement made the night truly memorable.
AIA Business of Architecture Panel Discussion on A Guide to Building A Powerful Identity And Marketing Strategy.'

Event Recap

As we reminisce about the Business of Architecture event, we’re excited to share some captivating photos capturing the essence of the evening. From engaging panel discussions to candid moments behind the scenes, these snapshots reflect the spirit of empowerment, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing that defines the world of architecture.
In conclusion, the Business of Architecture event was more than just a gathering – it was a celebration of empowerment, knowledge, and the strength of collaboration. We look forward to future events that continue to uplift the architecture community and pave the way for a brighter, more inclusive future in the industry. A heartfelt thank you to everyone involved, and here’s to the continued success of the Business of Architecture initiative!

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