ArchiCAD 27 Updates

ArchiCAD has once again introduced a range of new features designed to adapt to ArchiCAD user’s needs. This update is all about enhancing user experience and workflow efficiency, improving some tools and functionality within the software. 

Here are some of the latest features that ArchiCAD 27 has:

Enhanced Search

Discover what you’re looking for in a matter of seconds! The enhanced Search capabilities enable faster navigation through extensive lists, encompassing Views, Graphic Override Combinations and Rules, Library textures, Layouts, and Drawings.

archicad 27

Distance Guide

Distance Guides introduce a highly anticipated and innovative capability, allowing users to actively position building elements with ease. This is achieved through an intuitive interface that combines numerical and graphical input of dimensions, providing a seamless and efficient way to place elements accurately within the project.

distance guide archicad

Math Tracker

With this intelligent feature, you can accelerate your design process, eliminating the need for an external calculator and streamlining your workflow for faster and more efficient project development.
math tracker archicad

MEP Modeler

ArchiCAD has released its latest update for MEP modeling, introducing Graphisoft MEP Modeler 2.0. This version allows you to seamlessly link your ArchiCAD BIM project with the MEP modeling calculations preferred by your MEP engineers, facilitating task assignment and workflow optimization.

Interactive Schedules Formatting

Archicad’s Interactive Schedules Formatting feature enables effortless publication of project calculations, lists, and schedules with precise formatting and visual appeal. These schedules empower users to extract accurate data from their BIM projects, enhancing efficiency. Recent enhancements offer improved formatting capabilities, providing users with greater control over report visuals, ultimately boosting user experience and productivity.

Intelligent and Interactive 2d labels in BIMx

In the latest BIMx settings, users can toggle the visibility of markers and hyperlinks on and off. When viewing content in BIMx, interactive labels offer the ability to click and access detailed Element Information along with an associated preview image, enhancing the user experience. Moreover, these labels can be conveniently linked to various objects such as doors, windows, and other elements within BIMx, streamlining navigation and information retrieval for users.
In the digital age, tools like ArchiCAD have transformed the way architects work, saving time and improving efficiency compared to traditional drafting. ArchiCAD regularly updates with new features to meet user needs, allowing designers to easily adapt and stay current with the latest advancements in architectural design.

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