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Top Architecture YouTube Content Creators in Australia

In an age where social media platforms and the internet connect people across the globe, architecture content creators have found their niche. Content creation has evolved into a dynamic and impactful means of conveying ideas, providing entertainment, and imparting knowledge in the modern digital era.

Often referred to as influencers or digital storytellers, content creators have revolutionized the way we consume information and engage with diverse communities online. This blog will explore a few individuals or groups who are passionate about architecture and design through various online platforms to share their love for design.  

Kyle Sinko

Kyle Sinko is an Architecture graduate from South Australia. He started his blogging journey last 2012, and has a significant YouTube following of 90.1K subscribers. His content extends beyond guidance for aspiring architects and students; he also delves into technical tutorials. His channel features architecture documentaries, Revit courses, and even Photoshop courses for creating architectural site plans.

Australian Institute of Architects

Founded in 1929, the Australian Institute of Architects has grown to become a dynamic and influential force within the architectural community. With over 14,000 passionate members and a century-long legacy, they share insightful videos on YouTube, offering podcasts, and showcasing numerous award-winning architectural marvels throughout Australia.


In 2010, Andrew Maynard and Kevin Hui launched Archimarathon, a unique initiative that originated during Kevin’s 10-day winter tour. Andrew matched Kevin’s relentless pace throughout this non-stop journey, reminiscent of a marathon, which led to the name “Archimarathon.” They extensively documented their travels through YouTube and blogging, showcasing remarkable global architectural wonders. They also share ultimate hacks and other practical tips in Architecture such as design fundamentals and mindsets.

The Local Project 

The Local Project stands out as a dynamic tribute to outstanding design. With a deep dedication to inspiring the design community, their content promotes the best in design. They showcase the journeys of the designers and trace the evolution of design, from its inception to how each structure functions as a whole.

David Tomic 

David Tomic, with his insightful blogs and videos, is a trusted companion on the path of architecture education. His video tutorials offer a dynamic platform for students to grasp complex architectural concepts, and he addresses common challenges that strike a chord with students as they navigate their educational paths. He delves deep into current architectural design technologies and ArchiCAD tutorials. 

Hunting for George 

Hunting for George is a YouTube channel that has redefined the house tour experience through compelling video documentation. Their house tours encompass a diverse range of architectural styles, from modern and minimalist to eclectic and vintage. Whether you’re a fan of sleek, contemporary designs or cozy, rustic interiors, you’re sure to find something that resonates with your taste. 

These architecture content creators play a vital role in our field, bridging the gap between professionals and enthusiasts. As the digital landscape continues to expand, the influence of these visionaries will only grow. They will continue to inspire, educate, and advocate for the importance of architecture in our lives, making the world of design accessible to the digital space.

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